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Dear Parents and Students,

     Welcome to the 2nd grade page!!!  Below you will find all the information you need for the second grade classrooms.  Make sure to check for monthly updates on what will be covered in Math, Literacy, and PBIS.  Information about any important events or dates can be found in the Calendar or the Announcements Feed. Links are down below for extra practice in reading and math. 


Ms. Ali, Ms. Blackman, Ms. Desena, Ms. Haggar, Ms. Huey, Ms. Gluhkman, Ms. Nicolette, and Ms. Xhelo,  

2nd Grade Teacher Team


Grade and Classroom Updates and Announcements

  • March Happenings

    Parents- A few things coming up this March!  


    We will be ending Term 2 on March 8th, and Parent Teacher Conferences will be held March 14th, On Thursday.  There will be two sessions 12:30-2:30, and 4:30-7:30. Each individual meeting will last approximately 10 minutes.  If you need a longer, more in depth meeting, please contact your classroom teacher to set up an individual conference time during parent hour on Tuesdays. 


    The BCT performance will be March 15th, 6 pm!  The students have been working very hard in preparing their theater presentation.  We encourage family members and classmates to come to the evening performances 


    Due to the snow day on March 4th, Dr. Seuss Day will be rescheduled.  Classroom teachers will provide information for the updated celebrations and classroom events that are taking place when the new date is decided upon.


    The PBIS award Ceremony is March 26th, 10:00am.  


    Vision screening will be provided for all students this month, beginning March 1 .  If your child needs glasses or an updated prescription, information will be provided to families  by the Vision Zero program following the screening of your child. The program covers the cost of the required prescription. 

    Second Grade
  • End of the Year Testing

    Please be aware that end of the year testing is occurring both in May and June.  It is important that students are in attendance so that students do not have to take makeups.  The NYSESLAT ESL test will be the beginning of May, and the Writing assessment will be May 14-18th, and the Math MOSL will be May 15th.  Additionally the end of the year Go Math assessment will be given the beginning of June.  These scores will be compiled for their end of the year term grades as well as travel with them to 3rd grade, so it is important to make sure that students are prepared, on time, and well rested the days of testing .  We appreciate everything that you do to help with this. 

    Second Grade
  • January

    Happy New Year  to all our 2nd grade Parents!!!


    A little January update:

    We hope everybody had a restful and peaceful break from school with your children.  We look forward to hearing from all the students about their activities over the holidays, and are excited to start the new 2018 year with them.  During this month we will be finishing up both math and literacy units, and look forward to getting back to work in our classrooms and starting some new new topics in writing, reading, and math!

    We thank all the parents that were able to attend our Winter Concert before the holiday break- the students worked really hard and were very excited to present a section of music for their classmates and family members! 


    We will be starting a puppetry program this winter with our visiting artists from the Marquee Studio-  Students will receive puppetry classes every Monday for a 10 week period. It will be important that they can attend all the sessions in order to participate in our classroom presentations, so keep this in mind when planning appointments should your child need to be absent during school hours. Please ask your classroom teacher when your student is scheduled for their session. 

    In exciting news...we will be having our second Parent Workshop towards the end of this month: This month  our 2nd grade team will be showing parents some fun math activities and games they can play at home with their children.  We will also be showing you some strategies as well as some websites that will help support your child in 2nd grade math topics. We will be sending more information home about the upcoming dates and times. 


    Finally, all students should have received a  Myon.com login and password account in their parent communication folders.  They may login to read books from their personal libraries online, answer comprehensions questions, and write book reviews about all the books that they are reading.   It is a great program, and we are excited to be able to offer this program to all the students in PS 179.  Please ask your classroom teacher if you have any questions about the program!  

    Most of all, we wish you a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Years, from all of us to you!!


    Ms. Ali, Ms. Blackman, Ms. Haggar, Ms. Huey, Ms. Nicoletti, and Ms. Passantino

    Second Grade
  • Updates for November!

    Hello Parents,


    As we move into November remember that we will be completing the first units of studies in both Reading, Writing, and Math, and the grades for these unit assessments will be available for parent teacher conferences.  Report cards will be available in late November, so please make sure to come to our Parent Teacher conferences on Thursday, November 16th to get an update of your childs progress as grades will not be sent home at this time. We look forward to talking with many parents about how your child is doing in class.

    Unfortunately our grade trip for our Farm Unit had to be rescheduled because of the high winds and rain, so we were able to reschedule the trip for November 20th. For the parent chaperones who already signed up for the last trip, please let us know if you will not be able to attend this new date so that we can have an accurate head count.


    Other important dates to be aware of:

    November 7th- Election Day Students will not be in attendance.

    November 23-24th Thanksgiving Day, Students will not be in attendace

    As always if there are any questions or concerns, make sure to contact your classroom teacher through DOJO or their Department of Education email.  Looking forward to a great November!!!


    The Second Grade Team

    Second Grade
  • Updates for October

    Looking into October....

    Hello Parents!

    We are coming into the end of September and excited about starting our first big units of study.   A few things to keep in mind:

    ~ We will be sending home nightly homework and notices, so please continue to check your child's backpack nightly for any important changes. Permission slips and field trip forms are often time sensitive and it helps us out if all documents to be signed are returned quickly :) 

    ~ We will be having a Parent Workshop towards the end of October on Parent Tuesday, and we welcome all parents to come in for help or questions regarding our American Reading Program. 

     ~ Our first field trip is scheduled for the end of October.  Because of bus space limitations, we are able to bring a maximum of 2 parent chaperones per class during a trip.  Let your child's teacher know you are interested. Parent chaperones that come along must help the whole classroom in bus travel, and navigating  the students safely in the field trip areas.  

    ~ As always, if you have any questions or need to communicate with your child's teacher, please email their school email or contact them on the Parent Dojo Portal. If you are still having trouble connecting with your child's teacher, please let them know.  We love having our parents look in on Dojo to see what we are up to in class!

    Here's looking forward to a great fall!

    2nd Grade Teachers

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